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1st PLACE!!!!!

April 21, 2009

This past weekend was the CVVC Field Trial. The weather was just perfect! I entered Lyric in Open Puppy on Saturday and Amateur Walking Puppy on Sunday. I walked the Open Puppy Stake…. although Lyric did not get a placement I was very happy with how he did.  His bracemate scratched so Lyric ran alone.  In competing with your dog you need to have fun! At the end of day no matter what happens with my own dog I enjoy celebrating with those who did get placements….and that is what I did Saturday night.

Sunday Lyric was braced with Trixie, who is owned by a friend that we train with.  Although Lyric and Trixie love to play together, they did get down to business hunting during their brace. This brace was probably the most fun I have had so far!!!!!  Both dogs worked hard and there were some laughs at what they did too(but that is puppies for you). At the end Lyric had a great find,  he pointed the bird and then it flushed and he took off after the bird! I have never seen Lyric chase a bird like that! Although ultimately once the dogs get older they shouldn’t be chasing birds, as a puppy it’s allowed.  Then Lyric and Trixie took off after a bird that Trixie had found. They went out of sight and as they were coming back one of the judges says ” here they come and lyric is retrieving” very typical that boy always has to have something in his mouth.  

Lyric won the stake! This is our first placement and our first blue ribbon earning one point towards his FC/AFC(still not sure how all those points work) The winner of the stake received the Saul Himmelfarb memorial travelling trophy. this is the first year the trophy was given.  Saul was a member of the CVVC, I never had the chance to meet Saul but have heard wonderful things about him…his dedication to field trials among other things and how he epitomized the “newbie”.

We entered one stake in one other field trial a few weekends back and I have attended several field trials before. However this was a our first full weekend out together. Lyric and I even camped out at the grounds Saturday night. I met some very nice people who I will probably be seeing over and over again in the future. Overall it was a very fun weekend.  I think im hooked!

A HUGE thanks to all those who have helped me get started with Lyric!

here is Lyric this morning admiring himself…. he says “hmmm handsome and birdy”


What a weekend

April 7, 2009

Bruno handled by Dan passed his Canine Good Citzen Test. Go Bruno! I learned about the Canine Good Citzen Test when we first got Bruno and I set it as a goal for him to pass.

Lyric got a qualifying score saturday and again sunday during his junior hunter test. he has gotten 3 straight passes towards his Junior Hunter.  Also TWO of Lyric’s brother’s obtained their JH this weekend. Another has 1 qualifying score and another 3 qualifying scores. sooooooooo that means ALL puppies at barely 7 months old have JH legs. GO Krewe boys!

I also  showed Lyric in a match show saturday night. Lyric got a Group 2 !!!!!!

Sunday we had dinner at my sister in law’s parents house along with Dan’s brothers their wives. It was really nice to see everyone.

Here is a picture of Lyric on point during the hunt test saturday

Lyric earns his first Junior Hunter Leg

March 23, 2009

Today Lyric made his hunt test debut. We went to the Irish Setter Club of New England’s hunt test. Lyric was a the first brace, running with a nice GSP girl who I think was 14 months.  Lyric worked hard and did a very nice job.  I am so proud of him!

A sleepover

March 21, 2009

Sila stayed over the other night. Dan and I enjoyed having a good snuggler around, bruno liked the lounging company and lyric thinks next time the guest dog should play with him more!

Give me the treat dad!!!!!

The female rules the house.  Sila is in Bruno’s favorite spot as lyric awaits Amanda to come cuddle.

Training and CVVC fun day

March 21, 2009

This morning we went out to put lyric and another puppy on some birds again. We took along some adult dogs too. It was a really fun day. Lyric did well but a highlight for me was watching and handling Chance(with the help of Cory) who is almost 11 yrs old. Then I went to the CVVC fun day. Lyric worked hard on at showing and I was so proud of how he acted and did on the show lead. We even won our puppy class during the MATCH show! I had tons of fun at the fun day and learned a lot. Thanks everyone. After a busy day I stopped by a “welcome baby” party for Alyssa and her two beautiful twin girls.  It was nice to see everyone.

and pictures of course!

Sila says “hey cory gimme those birds”




Monty and Cory


Birds, Birds, Birds

March 15, 2009

Straight back from vacation and into the field today we did some training. Although Lyric was very very tired he pointed very nicely.  Sunday with the help of Monty and Cory we worked on firing the starter pistol for Lyric and Trixie.  Monty was really enjoyable to watch hunt saturday.



Lyric finds a deer leg….

Lyric  I grabbed it for you to take a close look



Monty and Cory

Monty  Cory shooting the bird, monty stays steady

Monty Retrieving


Fun filled weekend and more pics

December 10, 2008
As you can see, the boys are really bonding. Bruno is letting Lyric cuddle with him occasionally. They also have been wrestling and playing a lot in the house. Friday night we went to dinner and a show with Dan’s family. We had a great time. We went to a fabulous local restaurant and saw and show called Plaid Tidings. It was a nice festive evening. Saturday we attended the CVVC Field Trial. It was a great time. Bruno and Lyric came along because it was a long day. Lyric got to play with another puppy, walk by some horses and sniff some bird bags.
We got some snow this weekend.
Yummy snow!!!
And we played with our friend Bella. She is so much fun! She is getting a sister in a couple weeks! I cant wait to meet her! Love, Lyric
Monkey See, Monkey Do

Weekend Stuff

November 25, 2008

This past weekend was a lot of fun. Friday night we went to a Japanese restaurant with Dan’s family. The food and company was great. then dan’s band had a show, which was a lot of fun. Saturday we had a friend over with her dog. Sunday we attended a dog show that had a Vizsla supported entry. A friend of ours handled her puppy’s daddy in veterans and did a nice job.

More Pictures

November 20, 2008

I am constantly taking pictures to have memories of Lyric’s puppy days. Here are some more recent ones.

Who me? play in the mudd? noooooooooooo not me 🙂

Did you need something?

Fun in the puppy pen

We need a bigger bed

Bruno the watch dog

Heyyyyyy this thing ran out of milk

Sleepy boy

I made my bed!!!

First Bath(from us)

Lyric’s favorite pastime…chew sticks

Nothing new

November 15, 2008

Amanda was sick last week and Dan sick this week, so we havent been doing a lot recently. Lyric is settling in. He and Bruno get along but dont play too much, yet. Lyric has been getting socialized with lots of people and dogs.  Today both boys had a home spa day(yes boys go to the Spa). Both had baths, ears cleaned, nails cut and teeth brushed. well Lyric just licked the toothpaste and chewed on the brush, but you gotta start somewhere right? Here are some pics of them this week.