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March 12, 2009



Pinel island


Two wedding, two weekends

October 29, 2008

I am a bit behind on the blog because we have been out of town. We had two out of town weddings two weekends in a row.

The first wedding was in hospitable state of Mississippi. Dan’s good friend got married. Everything was picture perfect. the food was incredible, the band was unbeliveable, the atmosphere was just perfect and the company was great. we truely enjoyed every moment of our trip.

Next was Dan’s brother’s wedding which was held where the bride grew up on the MA/RI border. His brother is the last of the siblings to get married. It was great to see some old friends and spend time with family. the weather turned out just perfect. We had a great time chatting, dancing and spending time with everyone. It was truely a special day.

One night Cruise to No-Where

September 15, 2008

As a birthday gift several months ago Dan got me/us tickets to go on a one night cruise our of NYC.  i have always wanted to go on a cruise but has some hesitation about. I am glad we were able to do a one night cruise, so i could get a feel for what it was like. We went this weekend and had  a lot of fun. We had a room with a balcony which was really nice. It was relaxing to sit out there and watch the water and the moonlight at night. It was a nice and somewhat different one night getaway.  There were lots groups on the boat like  bachelorette parties, but also people of ALL ages.  We had dinner and some drinks and hung out at Karaoke for part of the night. We didnt sing but it was fun to watch. We had a good time together, as always. i am grateful we were able to getaway but since i like to reflect on the good and bad… is the bad.  the food on the ship was not good other then the french fries, the fruit and drinks.  the ship needs some updating and it always seemed crowded. the service was hit or miss depending on where you were in the ship.  we never got a chance to sit by the pool or go in, because it was jammed packed the entire time the pool was open. At times i thought “am I on spring break”.   As for future cruises I will proceed with caution as to which cruise I book finding out what is included(it seemed if we wanted anything good to eat or drink there was an extra charge), what type of crowd is on the ship, the atmosphere, the food etc.

Bruno stayed with his friend and had a sleepover. He went to dock dogs and didnt show much interest in jumping. he was interested in watching everything else going on. HOWEVER when he did jump, he jumped 5ft 4 inches!!!! SO he is making more progress. I think he and his friend Bella played a lot because he has done nothing but sleep since he got home(well he sniffed the yard for new smells and ate dinner)

From a dog’s perspective

May 26, 2008


WHAT A FUN VACATION!!!!! well everyday is a vacation to me. Mom and Dad took me to this awesome dog friendly Inn. I got to stay in a hotel room with them! It was SOOOOOOOO exciting!!!! new smells, new noises, new people, new dogs….. i could hardly contain myself. i NEVER wanted to go to sleep, for fear that i might miss something. i knew when we headed up the stairs to our room that the “fun” would stop. so i protested going up the stairs to our room.  the first night there was SOOOOOO exciting as was the ride up. the first night there i met my new friends and i hung out in the playhouse while mom and dad went to dinner. when it was time for bed i couldnt  settle down. i wanted to sleep on my own dog bed they had for me. it was comfy but so was the chair and mom and dad’s bed. so i moved around from spot to spot. As soon as the sun came up the other dogs were awake. i jumped on mom because i knew she would take me out.  later that morning we had a big play session on the dog park. i ran and zoomed. i had SOOOO much energy and i was so excited to be there i just had to act like a maniac. i played on the agility equipment and invented my own game of jumping into the apple tree.

then i got to go for a really fun car ride. i hung my head out the window to catch the fresh vermont air. then i got to go into stores with mom and dad and we walked along the water.  it was a lot of fun. i met LOTS of people and dogs. i love meeting new people. mom and dad really enjoyed being in VT. afterwards we went to a big factory where mom and dad got ice cream and OF COURSE they shared with me. then it was time to nap in the car for the ride back to the Inn. I got to play with some more friends when i got back. We played till it was almost dark. Somehow i ended up sleeping on mom and dad’s bed all night. it was really big and comfy.

Sunday we hiked, swam and had more play sessions. i LOVED the paw house inn. i got lots of attention and treats. “uncle” mike even took me out for a walk and long play session while mom and dad were exploring VT without me. they came home smelling like beer and i asked them where mine was. In the dog park i showed off by trying to use the agility equipment. i did really well with the equipment and had such a fun time chasing other dogs thru the tunnel and up the A-frame. HOWEVER in being “myself” i need to do thing MY way. the park had two apple trees. i figured out how to climb them. i kept climbing them ALL weekend. it was so much fun and i enjoyed entertaing everyone. Everyone loved watching.  I also had a great time sniffing and heard everyone commenting on how i was such a “hound” well im glad they all noticed 🙂 when i wasnt sniffing the ground, playing with the friends, amusing everyone with my charm or jumping in the tree i starred at the tree. there was something good  IN that tree and i was determined to find it!!!

Monday morning during my final play session I couldnt leave the tree alone. i jumped in the tree and got comfy. i was totally fixed on the litte hole into the tree. it smelled SOOOOOO good. i watched that hole for a LONG time. i didnt move and my body was stiff. then suddenly i heard something moving in the tree, i wanted it SOOOOOO bad. mom and dad heard it too. im not sure what is was but it smelled good. we left soon after dad pulled me out of the tree.

I plan to go back to have tree climbing adventures again. maybe next time i will get something. i hope “uncle” mike is there when we get back. i really liked him, along with all the other humans and doggies i met.


Our Wonderful Vermont Weekend(2 Year Anniversary Trip)

May 26, 2008

We just returned from THE BEST WEEKEND!!!!!! for anyone with dogs i HIGHLY recommend taking a vacation or weekend trip to The Paw House Inn in Rutland, VT. Well they are opening a 2nd location this summer in West Dover, VT.  Many places in VT are VERY dog friendly!!!!!

We arrived friday evening after a lovely ride up to VT. We stopped in Manchester, VT to visit the Orvis Store. Manchester is very dog friendly and many stores allow the dogs in. We were greeted at the Inn by Mike who gave us a quick tour. The Inn was very lovely. The first stop was the playhouse where each dog or family of dogs get their own kennel run to stay in while the humans explore VT. There are tv’s that play animal planet, a bin for each dog’s stuff, a bathtub, a sink, a fridge and other misc items. We brought some toys and nice comfy bed for bruno to use in the playhouse.  Our room was really nice. The bathroom had just been redone. We had a comfy bed with soft sheets and a down comforter. Bruno had his own custom made wooden dog bed with a soft bed and a down blanket as well.  Bruno was eager to explore so we went outside to the dog park/agility park where he met some new friends and discover “the tree”. We headed out for dinner. We ate at a great Italian restaurant right down the road. Bruno stayed in the playhouse and hung out with his friends. Everytime we would arrive back at the playhouse he would be very excited to see us but more excited to be let out of the run to go visit with all the other dogs or try to find dropped pieces of kibble or treats(typical bruno). The other guests of the Inn told us that bruno loved to jump up and down in the run…again very typical bruno.

We were woken up bright and early Saturday morning(5:50am to be exact) because the sun had come up and some doggies were outside playing.  Bruno couldnt WAIT to go out. he went outside for a quick walk, had breakfast and was forced to go back to bed! we then had a wonderful homemade breakfast. afterwards bruno played in the park with all the dogs visiting the Inn. He wrestled and played till he was exhausted. Then we got in the car and drove up to Burlington, VT. it was a nice ride on the mountain roads and thru small towns. We arrived in Burlington and walked around the shops. Burlington is another VERY dog friendly town where dogs can go into many stores and sit outside at the restaurants outdoor seating. It also sits right on Lake Champlain. We went for a walk along the water, had lunch and headed to the Ben and Jerry’s Factory. We got some ice cream and headed back to the inn. As bruno played in the dog park again, Dan and I sipped on a beer and realxed outside. It was a nice way to end the day.

On sunday after a wonderful homecooked breakfast and playtime in the park, we went for a hike and bruno got to play in the water a bit. Afterwards we dropped Bruno back at the Inn and arranged for some playtime with the innkeeper and another dog. We headed to the Long Trail Brewery. We actually ran into a few people I knew from growing up in Boston. On the way back we drove near Killington where the base of the ski mountain still had snow(it was 75 degrees out). We arrived back at the Inn to find Bruno happily awaiting our arrival. We had a note from the Innkeeper that Bruno had fun exploring the trails near the inn. another guest also told us bruno was out playing the park for about an hour.  Bruno WAS TIRED!!!! yet he found some more energy to have a couple more play sessions in the park that evening.

Monday we had yet another great breakfast. Bruno had his final play session the park. We packed up the car and said “farewell”.  On the way home we drove most of the way to the top of Okemo Mountain. We hiked short distance to get the the top. the view was beautiful! Then just before we got on the highway we stopped at the Vermont Country Store.

We had such a wonderful weekend. The weather was just perfect. The fresh Vermont air was nice. At times when we hiked you could smell the pine trees!!! so amazing! The scenery in VT is just breathtaking. Anywhere you drive, it’s beautiful. We will definatly be heading back(im glad it is close)

I think Bruno experienced a bit of doggie heaven. He had multiple play sessions each day in the fenced dog park. he played on the agility equipment and climbed the trees in the park. YES!!! climbed trees(Bruno will tell you all about it) we also went hiking and swimming. he got to explore lots of new smells(VT had some good ones) he met lots of new friends(humans and dogs) he loved everyone he met and greeted them all with tail wags. he got to hang out with us and take part in things we do. he also went on lots of car rides and got special treats. when we couldnt be with him, he hung out and played with other dogs and humans. Although Bruno would rally up to play, go for a car ride or a hike at any moment i think bruno will be spending the next few days sleeping!

Ben and Jerry's