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Lyric is now a Junior Hunter!!!

April 16, 2009

Lyric got 4 straight passes towards his JH this past weekend. This was my first title to put on a dog and lyric’s first title to earn.  I am very proud of Lyric(at just over 7 months old) and myself for accomplishing this goal.


What a weekend

April 7, 2009

Bruno handled by Dan passed his Canine Good Citzen Test. Go Bruno! I learned about the Canine Good Citzen Test when we first got Bruno and I set it as a goal for him to pass.

Lyric got a qualifying score saturday and again sunday during his junior hunter test. he has gotten 3 straight passes towards his Junior Hunter.  Also TWO of Lyric’s brother’s obtained their JH this weekend. Another has 1 qualifying score and another 3 qualifying scores. sooooooooo that means ALL puppies at barely 7 months old have JH legs. GO Krewe boys!

I also  showed Lyric in a match show saturday night. Lyric got a Group 2 !!!!!!

Sunday we had dinner at my sister in law’s parents house along with Dan’s brothers their wives. It was really nice to see everyone.

Here is a picture of Lyric on point during the hunt test saturday

A sleepover

March 21, 2009

Sila stayed over the other night. Dan and I enjoyed having a good snuggler around, bruno liked the lounging company and lyric thinks next time the guest dog should play with him more!

Give me the treat dad!!!!!

The female rules the house.  Sila is in Bruno’s favorite spot as lyric awaits Amanda to come cuddle.

Training and CVVC fun day

March 21, 2009

This morning we went out to put lyric and another puppy on some birds again. We took along some adult dogs too. It was a really fun day. Lyric did well but a highlight for me was watching and handling Chance(with the help of Cory) who is almost 11 yrs old. Then I went to the CVVC fun day. Lyric worked hard on at showing and I was so proud of how he acted and did on the show lead. We even won our puppy class during the MATCH show! I had tons of fun at the fun day and learned a lot. Thanks everyone. After a busy day I stopped by a “welcome baby” party for Alyssa and her two beautiful twin girls.  It was nice to see everyone.

and pictures of course!

Sila says “hey cory gimme those birds”




Monty and Cory


Playtime, Vizsla style…

March 20, 2009

I am way too mature for these games

Birds, Birds, Birds

March 15, 2009

Straight back from vacation and into the field today we did some training. Although Lyric was very very tired he pointed very nicely.  Sunday with the help of Monty and Cory we worked on firing the starter pistol for Lyric and Trixie.  Monty was really enjoyable to watch hunt saturday.



Lyric finds a deer leg….

Lyric  I grabbed it for you to take a close look



Monty and Cory

Monty  Cory shooting the bird, monty stays steady

Monty Retrieving



March 12, 2009



Pinel island

A New Year

January 6, 2009

Well the new year is here! The past several weeks have been busy with holidays and spending time with family and friends. We are looking forward to a wonderful new year. We hope to begin showing Lyric in confirmation and competiting in the field with him.  As for Bruno we hope to have him be tested and pass his Canine Good Citizen. Both boys look forward to some Dock Dogs fun.  As for us humans….we are looking forward to some travel, the birth of some friend’s children and as always “good times” with our family and friends.  We are hoping for a happy and healthy year and are wishing this upon everyone. 

I was trouble putting pictures on here…. it seems fixed now.  However we have a new camera and a new place(better quality) to upload our pictures and videos.   Please email me  if you would like to see some recent pictures/videos of the dogs and our adventures.


Here is Lyric the day he turned 4 months.

Christmas is in the air

December 16, 2008
We had a Saturday full of holiday events.  We attended our local Vizsla club’s  holiday party which was a good time. The hosts of the party have a beautiful home on a nice piece of land. They are Italian and make wine just like us. Thanks to Rick and Mary Ellen for hosting a wonderful party and making us feel so welcome. Then we went to the annual Christmas concert which Dan’s brother takes part in. Their church puts on an incredible christmas show each year. Every year it’s different. It was a nice way to celebrate the season.


It’s about time that we (bruno and lyric) tell you about what has been going on….
AHHHHH naptime….we love naps!
Since we missed going to see Santa at the mall, Dad lifted us up to visit with the Santa in our house. Here are bruno and I each telling Santa what we want for Christmas.
Come get me Bruno….I have your favorite toy.
We keep watch over the yard together.
We went for a puppy hike to get our sniffs out…. Lyric zoomed like a fool mom couldnt get a picture….

Then we got to tag along for a special outing….we went to visit Uncle Alex(ok not our uncle but dad’s good friend) he RUVS us sooooooooooooo much! Dad had to help him with some computer stuff at the shop where Uncle Alex makes t-shirts and where “the band” practices.

The shop guard dogs, we look so mean
We have discovered that Bruno prefers the drums…..
while i prefer the keyboards(like my human dad)
We passed the time by playing together.  It’s taken a few weeks but we really do love each and love to play. Mom says she sees our bond developing more and more each day.
Apparently Bruno thinks he is a Vizsla and jumped in Alex’s lap to show him how much he loves him
Paws off he is MINE!!!!!
Hey im little, love me too 
We both love seeing Alex. Thanks for letting us visit!
And after a long day,  we put ourselves to bed when we got home.  Bruno under the covers(no pic) and Lyric on his dog bed. Mom and Dad even forgot our “last call” outside.


December 2, 2008

We had a wonderful thanksgiving. Amanda’s dad came down for the holiday which was very nice. We spent the day with Dan’s family. The rest of the weekend we relaxed and ran errands.

Below are some new pics of Lyric and Bruno. Lyric is getting so big.

Lyric has transitioned to sleeping on a dog bed at night in our room.  I think he enjoys it and bruno likes the new bed too.

 Enjoying a brotherly moment.

Although Bruno’s favorite spot is still our bed. Yes, he gets himself under those covers. If we make the bed, he unmakes it so that he can get comfy.
Enjoying the great outdoors
And playing….
And occasionally being carried by dad
I am a wonderful accent to the backyard, dont you think?
Really beginning to wonder about Bruno, I think he is confused.
They call them Velcro Vizslas for a reason
Taking a rest on Thanksgiving