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Gracie’s Adoption and Our Weekend

August 10, 2008

The weekend started out with Gracie going to her forever home. After that we headed to see my family in Boston. We had a great time with my family. Bruno was upset on friday because all he wanted to do was check on “his” tomato plants in the yard, but it was pouring rain with thunder and lighting. My dad put a special fencing around the tomatoes. Bruno somehow busted thru it but then got stuck inside the fence in the rain. We did some swimming too. We also got to see my mom, uncle, and grandparents.  It was a good time. On sunday dan went to a fundraiser clambake with some friends. I took Bruno over to see Crystal’s crew and introduce Bruno to their newest addition Cookie. She is very little and SO cute! she pointed Bruno.


Videos of Gracie and Bruno

July 25, 2008

Gracie and the Ball

Gracie jumps on Bruno

more videos coming when i get them uploaded. STAY TUNED

A couple more pictures

July 23, 2008


July 21, 2008

Gracie has arrived! Yes, she is a red dog….. not the breed red dog i have my fingers crossed for. however i have a LOVE for a few types of “red dogs” and i LOVE redbone coonhounds! This is the 1st purbred redbone(well i think pb) that I have had as a foster. I am very excited she is here. You can read her story here

She had a rough go and then got lots of good care in a foster home in AL. Now she is here is hopes of finding her forever home. She is slowly but surely warming up.  She is very hesistant with Dan, but will take treats from him. However when he isnt around she hangs out with me, like a shadow. If Dan is around she hides or lays in her crate, but she is slowly warming up. She played with Bruno a little. I am hoping to see more play in the days ahead. She is beautiful and is so sweet. She is VERY interested in food. Her nose starts sniffing as soon as food is present. 

and as i typed this, she just joined us on the couch. she is making herself right at home. bruno has me “claimed” and she is right next to him.

and suddenly a big boom a thunder, woke everyone up. bruno moved to snuggle with dan(typical) and gracie is with me 🙂 now to find a way to sneak her into our bed at night…..
and bruno’s “hey dont forget about me”
yup we BOTH peed here