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Easter Weekend

April 16, 2009

Friday i spend sometime with some of Dan’s relatives making Easter bread. It was an all day event but the bread was sure worth the wait! After Lyric’s hunt test we headed to stay with my dad for the night. We went out to a fabulous Italian restaurant for dinner. Sunday we had a wonderful Easter brunch. It was a short visit but very nice. Then we headed back to CT to spend the rest of the day with Dan’s family. It was a busy weekend but nice to spend time with everyone


What a weekend

April 7, 2009

Bruno handled by Dan passed his Canine Good Citzen Test. Go Bruno! I learned about the Canine Good Citzen Test when we first got Bruno and I set it as a goal for him to pass.

Lyric got a qualifying score saturday and again sunday during his junior hunter test. he has gotten 3 straight passes towards his Junior Hunter.  Also TWO of Lyric’s brother’s obtained their JH this weekend. Another has 1 qualifying score and another 3 qualifying scores. sooooooooo that means ALL puppies at barely 7 months old have JH legs. GO Krewe boys!

I also  showed Lyric in a match show saturday night. Lyric got a Group 2 !!!!!!

Sunday we had dinner at my sister in law’s parents house along with Dan’s brothers their wives. It was really nice to see everyone.

Here is a picture of Lyric on point during the hunt test saturday

Christmas is in the air

December 16, 2008
We had a Saturday full of holiday events.  We attended our local Vizsla club’s  holiday party which was a good time. The hosts of the party have a beautiful home on a nice piece of land. They are Italian and make wine just like us. Thanks to Rick and Mary Ellen for hosting a wonderful party and making us feel so welcome. Then we went to the annual Christmas concert which Dan’s brother takes part in. Their church puts on an incredible christmas show each year. Every year it’s different. It was a nice way to celebrate the season.


It’s about time that we (bruno and lyric) tell you about what has been going on….
AHHHHH naptime….we love naps!
Since we missed going to see Santa at the mall, Dad lifted us up to visit with the Santa in our house. Here are bruno and I each telling Santa what we want for Christmas.
Come get me Bruno….I have your favorite toy.
We keep watch over the yard together.
We went for a puppy hike to get our sniffs out…. Lyric zoomed like a fool mom couldnt get a picture….

Then we got to tag along for a special outing….we went to visit Uncle Alex(ok not our uncle but dad’s good friend) he RUVS us sooooooooooooo much! Dad had to help him with some computer stuff at the shop where Uncle Alex makes t-shirts and where “the band” practices.

The shop guard dogs, we look so mean
We have discovered that Bruno prefers the drums…..
while i prefer the keyboards(like my human dad)
We passed the time by playing together.  It’s taken a few weeks but we really do love each and love to play. Mom says she sees our bond developing more and more each day.
Apparently Bruno thinks he is a Vizsla and jumped in Alex’s lap to show him how much he loves him
Paws off he is MINE!!!!!
Hey im little, love me too 
We both love seeing Alex. Thanks for letting us visit!
And after a long day,  we put ourselves to bed when we got home.  Bruno under the covers(no pic) and Lyric on his dog bed. Mom and Dad even forgot our “last call” outside.

Fun filled weekend and more pics

December 10, 2008
As you can see, the boys are really bonding. Bruno is letting Lyric cuddle with him occasionally. They also have been wrestling and playing a lot in the house. Friday night we went to dinner and a show with Dan’s family. We had a great time. We went to a fabulous local restaurant and saw and show called Plaid Tidings. It was a nice festive evening. Saturday we attended the CVVC Field Trial. It was a great time. Bruno and Lyric came along because it was a long day. Lyric got to play with another puppy, walk by some horses and sniff some bird bags.
We got some snow this weekend.
Yummy snow!!!
And we played with our friend Bella. She is so much fun! She is getting a sister in a couple weeks! I cant wait to meet her! Love, Lyric
Monkey See, Monkey Do

Two wedding, two weekends

October 29, 2008

I am a bit behind on the blog because we have been out of town. We had two out of town weddings two weekends in a row.

The first wedding was in hospitable state of Mississippi. Dan’s good friend got married. Everything was picture perfect. the food was incredible, the band was unbeliveable, the atmosphere was just perfect and the company was great. we truely enjoyed every moment of our trip.

Next was Dan’s brother’s wedding which was held where the bride grew up on the MA/RI border. His brother is the last of the siblings to get married. It was great to see some old friends and spend time with family. the weather turned out just perfect. We had a great time chatting, dancing and spending time with everyone. It was truely a special day.

Fall is in the air

October 8, 2008

The weather is cooling down, especially at night.  Friday night we went to a new restaurant call Counter Burger, it was really good. Saturday amanda headed to a hunt test with a friend for a couple hours to try and learn a few things and then to a party with Dan’s family. We spent most of Saturday afternoon and evening at Dan’s father’s lake house. It was a nice time, very relaxing. We took the little boat out to the island and let bruno run around. he has such a good time. We are dogsitting a friend’s lab who loves to go swimming and jump off the dock. She had a chance to show off her dock jumping skills to everyone at the party. Later in the day we sat around the fire and chatted into the evening. Sunday dan had to DJ and play music at our neighbors daughter’s wedding. We have a wonderful neighbor who was VERY helpful in aiding Dan to put up our fence last fall, along with helping us with various other things. Dan was glad to be able to return the favor and help our neighbor on his daughter’s special day.  Once again it was a busy but enjoyable weekend.

wonderful weekend

October 2, 2008

This past weekend we went to visit amanda’s family.  he hit a lot of traffic on the ride up and drove pouring rain. we had a great time seeing everyone and spending time with them. Bruno had a sensory overload as usual and acted like a nut. i think he found a new friend named fred. after we got home from my mom’s house he curled up on the couch with fred, like he was his BEST friend. he even groaned when i tried to move him. it was a rainy and humid weekend so we were inside most of the time. my mom’s cooking was wonderful, especially the salad she made.  i only wish we could see my family more often, but i will see them again in another few weeks.

A wonderful and very special gift….

September 21, 2008

Today some ladies of the “T” family hosted a shower for Dan and Amanda’s future sister in law. This shower was a wishof Dan’s grandmother who died earlier this year. For each of her grandsons she wanted have a shower for their wives to be. It was a lovely afternoon and Grandma T’s presence was there. She is truely, truely missed by everyone. I think i might be able to speak for others too, at times I look around a family party just assuming “grandma is there” and then realize she is not there in body but there in spirit.  So although today’s shower was for the “bride to be” Ashley, I recieved a special gift along with my sister in law. It is a cookbook of all of Grandma T’s recipes. Dan’s aunt typed up all grandma T’s  handwritten recipes and put them into a book for all us wives. I cant wait to make some of her recipes, although they wont ever come out tasting like hers, it will continue on her traditions. I have tested out my skills of making her signature eggplant parmesan, everyone in the family seems to like it. what i would do if i could only taste her wonderful cooking one more time…..or chat with her on specifics of her recipes….

the weather was beautiful and it was a wondful day enjoyed by all.