1st PLACE!!!!!


This past weekend was the CVVC Field Trial. The weather was just perfect! I entered Lyric in Open Puppy on Saturday and Amateur Walking Puppy on Sunday. I walked the Open Puppy Stake…. although Lyric did not get a placement I was very happy with how he did.  His bracemate scratched so Lyric ran alone.  In competing with your dog you need to have fun! At the end of day no matter what happens with my own dog I enjoy celebrating with those who did get placements….and that is what I did Saturday night.

Sunday Lyric was braced with Trixie, who is owned by a friend that we train with.  Although Lyric and Trixie love to play together, they did get down to business hunting during their brace. This brace was probably the most fun I have had so far!!!!!  Both dogs worked hard and there were some laughs at what they did too(but that is puppies for you). At the end Lyric had a great find,  he pointed the bird and then it flushed and he took off after the bird! I have never seen Lyric chase a bird like that! Although ultimately once the dogs get older they shouldn’t be chasing birds, as a puppy it’s allowed.  Then Lyric and Trixie took off after a bird that Trixie had found. They went out of sight and as they were coming back one of the judges says ” here they come and lyric is retrieving” very typical that boy always has to have something in his mouth.  

Lyric won the stake! This is our first placement and our first blue ribbon earning one point towards his FC/AFC(still not sure how all those points work) The winner of the stake received the Saul Himmelfarb memorial travelling trophy. this is the first year the trophy was given.  Saul was a member of the CVVC, I never had the chance to meet Saul but have heard wonderful things about him…his dedication to field trials among other things and how he epitomized the “newbie”.

We entered one stake in one other field trial a few weekends back and I have attended several field trials before. However this was a our first full weekend out together. Lyric and I even camped out at the grounds Saturday night. I met some very nice people who I will probably be seeing over and over again in the future. Overall it was a very fun weekend.  I think im hooked!

A HUGE thanks to all those who have helped me get started with Lyric!

here is Lyric this morning admiring himself…. he says “hmmm handsome and birdy”


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