In N Out Burger


Sooo some friends and us have discussed this whole idea of flying home with burgers from In N Out, but no one has done it. So some friends went to Vegas on their honeymoon this past week and we jokingly said “bring us back some burgers from In N Out” so they always love an adventure, so they came up with a plan on how to bring them back. They bought a cooler and had their conceriage freeze the ice packs. they got 10 burgers with cheese and onions and sauce on the side. put them in plastic bags and into the cooler. they checked the cooler with the luggage. the airline staff thought it was hysterical. they took a red eye into CT and a few hours later the burgers arrived!!!! guess what we had for dinner?

one funny part… the airline lost 3 out of their 5 bags. Thank-god the burgers werent lost!!!!!
soooooo it CAN be done! next time we will attempt fries too!


One Response to “In N Out Burger”

  1. Rocket & Delilah Says:

    I can’t stop chuckling. That’s just way too funny. It’s a good thing they are you FRIENDS!

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