A weekend to catch up on things

It was a weekend to catch up on things. The past few weeks have been very busy and the next few will be the same. We had this weekend to get a few things done. A Target opened down the street so we check it out on friday. i love target and im glad we have one very close by. Bruno also got to play with some friends at the park on friday. Saturday we both got our hair cut. When getting our hair cuts we noticed that a dog rescue set up next door to a puppy store in the strip center. This truly made my day!!!! My hairdresser told me the owner of the strip center runs a rescue and wants to promote rescuing dogs NOT buying a dog from a petstore(most come from puppymills)
Then Amanda need to shop for some new work clothes as well as get something to wear to the wedding festivities coming up. While I shopped dan stayed home and finished painting the front porch area. When I arrived home from shopping there was a new number on our house. well number was the same, but the sign with the numbers was different. A picture of the sign is below. I was beyond excited about!
Then we went and did a home visit for a puppy that is being fostered by a rescue. On the way we saw a hot air balloon take off from the park across the street from our house. I love this time of year in seeing hot air balloons. I got one very mediocre picture below.
Saturday night we re-arrange the living room furniture to make it more open and give the dogs more room to wrestle and play. This will not be a forever set up but we will try it for now.
Throughout the weekend we did lots of cleaning and Amanda did some cooking on Sunday. She made pumpkin bread for the 1st time and it came out really good.
We got a lot accomplished this past weekend.

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