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It’s exhausting being cute…

September 24, 2008


Pictures at 3 weeks

September 23, 2008











A wonderful and very special gift….

September 21, 2008

Today some ladies of the “T” family hosted a shower for Dan and Amanda’s future sister in law. This shower was a wishof Dan’s grandmother who died earlier this year. For each of her grandsons she wanted have a shower for their wives to be. It was a lovely afternoon and Grandma T’s presence was there. She is truely, truely missed by everyone. I think i might be able to speak for others too, at times I look around a family party just assuming “grandma is there” and then realize she is not there in body but there in spirit.  So although today’s shower was for the “bride to be” Ashley, I recieved a special gift along with my sister in law. It is a cookbook of all of Grandma T’s recipes. Dan’s aunt typed up all grandma T’s  handwritten recipes and put them into a book for all us wives. I cant wait to make some of her recipes, although they wont ever come out tasting like hers, it will continue on her traditions. I have tested out my skills of making her signature eggplant parmesan, everyone in the family seems to like it. what i would do if i could only taste her wonderful cooking one more time…..or chat with her on specifics of her recipes….

the weather was beautiful and it was a wondful day enjoyed by all.

pics of 4 out of the 5 boys….

September 20, 2008

oh the cuteness!!!!!! Less then 6wks till our boy comes home 🙂

One night Cruise to No-Where

September 15, 2008

As a birthday gift several months ago Dan got me/us tickets to go on a one night cruise our of NYC.  i have always wanted to go on a cruise but has some hesitation about. I am glad we were able to do a one night cruise, so i could get a feel for what it was like. We went this weekend and had  a lot of fun. We had a room with a balcony which was really nice. It was relaxing to sit out there and watch the water and the moonlight at night. It was a nice and somewhat different one night getaway.  There were lots groups on the boat like  bachelorette parties, but also people of ALL ages.  We had dinner and some drinks and hung out at Karaoke for part of the night. We didnt sing but it was fun to watch. We had a good time together, as always. i am grateful we were able to getaway but since i like to reflect on the good and bad… is the bad.  the food on the ship was not good other then the french fries, the fruit and drinks.  the ship needs some updating and it always seemed crowded. the service was hit or miss depending on where you were in the ship.  we never got a chance to sit by the pool or go in, because it was jammed packed the entire time the pool was open. At times i thought “am I on spring break”.   As for future cruises I will proceed with caution as to which cruise I book finding out what is included(it seemed if we wanted anything good to eat or drink there was an extra charge), what type of crowd is on the ship, the atmosphere, the food etc.

Bruno stayed with his friend and had a sleepover. He went to dock dogs and didnt show much interest in jumping. he was interested in watching everything else going on. HOWEVER when he did jump, he jumped 5ft 4 inches!!!! SO he is making more progress. I think he and his friend Bella played a lot because he has done nothing but sleep since he got home(well he sniffed the yard for new smells and ate dinner)


September 11, 2008
Bruno anxiously awaits the arrival of his baby brother
Our PUPPY will coming home in about 7wks!!!!!!!

Team Blue has some new additions….

September 6, 2008

Team Pink is truely lacking lately. Although I have a friend who is pregnant with twin girls 🙂

The newest members of team blue are some little red dogs named Po’Boy, Beinet, Cajun, Gumbo and Iko.

They were born on Sept 2nd.  A big congrats to momma thyme and daddy remy

busy, busy

September 6, 2008

Things have been busy.  amanda took a road trip over an extended labor day weekend to go to KY with a friend to attend some dog shows. Her friend and her dog showed very nicely.  She got to spend time with a wonderful vizsla breeder and her dogs including her pregnant dog.  She got to go to the vet when momma thyme had an x-ray taken of her belly.  she also met some wonderful junior handlers and got to cheer them on to 1st first place.  It was a great time 🙂

Dan stayed home and had “boys time” along with bruno. He had his company picnic at a local amusement park, his brother’s stag party, band rehersal and hung out with friends. He ate LOTS of junk food. amanda’s dad came down to visit too, he LOVES his son in-law.