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Weekend Fun

August 24, 2008

First of all the weather on Saturday was so perfect. The skys were clear and the sun was shining bright. It was hot, but not too hot. The humidity was low and it was such a beautiful day!

We went to the Dutchess County fair for the dock dogs competition. Bruno had fun at the fair. He loved the smells….all the food, dogs, people and animals.  I enjoy dock dogs because it is a fun dog sport that Bruno and I can do together. Bruno enjoys it and is getting the hang of it.  People seem to enjoy watching Dock dogs because there is always a crowd at the events, which makes it really fun and exciting. When we first got on the dock for practice bruno thought it would be more fun to jump off the dock onto the grass to sniff vs jumping into the pool. Gotta love that hound agenda. Anyways Bruno seemed really psyched up about getting into the pool yesterday to fetch his toy. So I just went with it and let him have fun.  Since we are new to dock dogs I am trying to make it really fun and get him really excited about it. Although  i will always make sure he is having fun but once we build some more confidence and excitement in jumping we will have to work on technique. Even if he doesnt jump far etc i enjoy competiting with him. He gets so excited and acts all proud after he jumps and it makes me proud and makes me smile!!!! I think he likes the crowd watching him too, as for me i just block them out….they are there to watch the dogs anyways.   Bruno did jump yesterday with little hesitation!!!!!! He jumped 4ft 7 inches and got a national title qualifier medal for the novice division, so one pass out of five for his Novice Title.  We are still in the beginning stages but having a lot of fun and that is the important part!!!! Bruno also LOVES to go and cheer on his friend Bella!

Here are some pictures:

Pictures of Bruno and his medal:
Here is Bruno’s  friend Bella
and one more I scanned in.

Annoucing… another one for the Blue Team

August 21, 2008

A BIG congratulations to Steph, Steve and Bailey on the newest addition to the family.


Charles Theaodore

Born:   Aug 20, 2008
At   1:11 PM
7 lbs  11 oz
20  inches



Amanda’s Panzone on the Grill

August 18, 2008

I came up with this recipe by seeing a few different recipes with similar ingredients and making my own. You can really put whatever ingredients you choose into your panzone but below is what we tried. 

For each Panzone:

  • 1/4 lb of pizza dough
  • Flour
  • Corn Meal
  • Tomatoes(i used one medium and a few cherry tomatoes) sliced
  • Fresh mozzarella cheese
  • Basil(i used a little fresh and a little dried)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • A few slices of pepperoni
  • A sprinkle of Parmesan cheese
  • Oil Olive
  • Cooking Spray
  • Marinara sauce for dipping

Make 1/4lb dough into a ball. Put some flour on it and roll it out until thin on a floured surface. Place on a surface with some cornmeal (so it doesnt stick).  On 1/2 of one side of the dough layer tomatoes, then cheeses, basil, salt, peppper, pepperoni and then top with another layer of more tomatoes. Pull the empty side of the dough over and seal edges. Brush the outside of the dough with olive oil and some cooking spray. Place on a hot grill until dough it cooked.  Let the panzone cool for a couple of minutes, the tomatoes and cheese will be HOT. Dip in marinara sauce if you wish.

Real Swim Time

August 18, 2008

Pictures from swimming and working on jumping off the dock this weekend. Bruno did well! fingers crossed he jumps at the competition next weekend!

Then, when I get bored….Dad fetches it for me 🙂

Swimming and Pizza

August 16, 2008

From Bruno:

when mom mentioned we may be going swimming this weekend i never thought she meant  IN THE BACKYARD!!!! at one point today I thought mom and dad installed a pool. i wanted to go out and play and swim but they said “no” it was lighting out and they said the water was not clean.  i guess it rained SO hard and SO fast that the  city storm drains overflowed.  we had a short term flood in our yard.  The power flickered and Dad said that had the power gone out and sump pump wasnt working, we would have had an indoor swimming pool in the basement. what a cool idea!!!! mom and dad seemed less than thrilled about my hopes for an indoor swimming pool. dad was glad the previous owners of our house had put in an extra special drainage system.

 DURING: some  water had gone down when i took the pics


The neighbor’s pool:

and then after all the excitement dad got pizza! YUM!!!! i ended up stealing my own piece out of the box on the counter.  they didnt think i could get into it and they both left the room….mom was NOT happy with me but getting in trouble was soooooo worth it! maybe they should have just shared in the first place!

Gracie’s Adoption and Our Weekend

August 10, 2008

The weekend started out with Gracie going to her forever home. After that we headed to see my family in Boston. We had a great time with my family. Bruno was upset on friday because all he wanted to do was check on “his” tomato plants in the yard, but it was pouring rain with thunder and lighting. My dad put a special fencing around the tomatoes. Bruno somehow busted thru it but then got stuck inside the fence in the rain. We did some swimming too. We also got to see my mom, uncle, and grandparents.  It was a good time. On sunday dan went to a fundraiser clambake with some friends. I took Bruno over to see Crystal’s crew and introduce Bruno to their newest addition Cookie. She is very little and SO cute! she pointed Bruno.

Dessert Nachos

August 8, 2008

I learned of this recipe at a Pampered Chef Party.  The amounts can be altered based on how many you are making it for.  I also omit some ingredients. Add in other favorite items too, anyway this is made will come out delicious!

Make Cinnamon Chips.

Brush flour tortillas with water (using olive gives them a better flavor) using pastry brush.  Sprinkle generously with a cinnamon/sugar mixture   Cut into triangles using Pizza Cutter.  Place on baking stone or cookie sheet and bake @ 400 until lightly browned.)
Place cooled Cinnamon Chips on a platter.

Scoop vanilla ice cream (light ice cream or frozen yogurt is excellent) onto cinnamon chips

Garnish with sliced strawberries & sliced bananas

Chop nuts with Food Chopper, sprinkle on top. 

Drizzle Caramel and Chocolate sauce on top.                           

Place dollops of whipped cream all over “nachos”  and grate chocolate bar over entire platter using a Cheese Grater

Almost had a squirrel for breakfast!!!!!!

August 7, 2008
From Bruno:
I almost had mr. squirrel this morning. I was outside sniffing and running in the yard  and  leaping at the fence cause there was a fresh scent, i knew he had to be close! When suddenly mr squirrel came running DOWN the little tree right in front of me. This was my moment i have been waiting for!!!!! i got so close i almost grabbed him. well, i might have gotten him cause mom heard a weird noise but he got away. he ran up the big onto the branches and into the woods. i chased him and barked at him. what a nice morning work out. wonder if he will come back later today………..
i then went in and had breaksfast and went back to bed! oh and i got extra kibble cause i need to gain a couple pounds. mom and i have been working out hard. She has also been trying out different food on me and they all have a different amount of calories which means different amounts i get to eat. oh mom get it together, im wasting away over here while you test out different foods for me!!!! but for now i get to eat more, no problems with that!

Who makes ice cream cones this small

August 7, 2008

i had an odd craving for ice cream in a cone. i forgot to pick them up while food shopping. so while out with dan i made a quick trip into the store. well i picked up this by mistake. imagine my surprise when i opened them, they were SOOOOO tiny!!!.  i figured, i will deal…..i then go to get some ice cream in the freezer and there is one very small drop left. WHO DOES THAT??? just finish it and add it to the food list for next week.

Some pics of life with Bruno

August 7, 2008
OMG they have put me in jail!!!!!!
Someone bail me out
Ummmm help, anyone??? im not liking these gates. mom said they help gracie and will help with the new puppy. oh great, i have to suffer now……..
I will show them how i really feel………. since u made the bed all nice….. im going to undo it, hehe!!!(im under the covers)
a boy has to be comfortable, right?
Can i have some peace, PLEASE??? i have only been under here ALL day while you were at work. i need more time.
sooooooooooooo they redeemed themselves by going shopping for me!!!! i helped pick stuff out
Just inspecting to make sure they didnt miss something